Set ILOM SUN Server by serial CLI

Set ILOM SUN Server by serial CLI

To configure ILOM on a SUN server make a serial connection to the rear of the server.

Putty 9600 baud

Default credentials on a new system:
changeme or l3tm3in

First reset the ILOM to defaults:
Reset to defautl: set /SP reset_to_defaults=all

Now we can configure the network settings, these are for a static setup. Make sure to press enter between every line.

set /SP/network pendingipdiscovery=static
set /SP/network pendingipaddress=IPADRESS
set /SP/network pendingipgateway=IPADRESS
set /SP/network pendingipnetmask=IPADRESS
set /SP/network commitpending=true

Finaly check if the settings are applied with:

show sp/network