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HP desktop Windows 1803 update wdf violation bsod

Hey guys, to fix the WDF_VIOLATION BSOD, you will need to boot into the recovery enviroment, open CMD. Then you will need to ensure you know which partition your Windows is installed on. Then you will need to rename or delete the “HpqKbFiltr.sys” driver and once you’ve done that you can restart and Windows will boot sucessfully.This took us an entire day to locate and fix but it was well worth it, we really didn’t like the idea of remaging every PC with an image created pre-broken update. Hopefully this fix works for you also.

start a cmd prompt and navigate to the next directory:


del hpqkbfiltr.sys


Install docker and debian on Synology

1. install docker
2. start docker, go to ‘image’, select ‘add’ -> ‘add from url’. in repository name put ‘debian’. When asked for variant – pick pretty much any you want. I chose testing-slim
3. once (2) completes, click on the image and select ‘launch’. not sure how relevant this is, but i gave my container administrative privileges.
4. go to ‘container’ tab. find newly created container. click ‘details’. last tab is your terminal
5. execute: ‘sudo apt-get update’ followed by ‘sudo apt-get install ssh tmux’
6. (optional) add your private ssh key by executing: “ssh-add – <<EOF”, pasting your key and typing “EOF”
7. use SSH remote port forwarding while you ssh back to your machine, eg: ssh -R 1080:<router-ip>:80 username@machine-you-log-in-from
8. on machine you log in from (your actual computer you’re sitting by) open web browser and navigate to port 1080.

reset ilo Edgeline 4000 EL4000 HPE

Accessing the System Utilities menu
About this task
To complete these steps, you need the HPE USB-to-serial cable (HPE part number 871947-B21).
Table 1: Settings for connecting USB cable to serial port
Specifications Value
Baud rate 115200
Data bits 8
Parity None
Stop bit 1 (8 N1)
1. Power down the cartridge.
2. Connect the USB-to-serial cable to the system. The USB end is connected to a system USB port.
3. Attach the serial end of the cable to a serial port using a null modem cable. The other serial port may
be another USB-to-serial adapter on a different machine.
4. Power on the cartridge. The serial console output screen displays.