Add unifi accespoint to controller

Office365 Relay SMTP Server

Scenario 1 – LAN Mail clients (devices\application) addressing an internal mail server

In a scenario in which LAN Mail clients (devices\application) address an internal mail server, the basic assumption is that the LAN environment considered as a “safe” (isolated from the external network).
For this reason, the typical characters of the communication between the Mail enabled Devices\Applications, and the on-premises mail server is:

  1. Communication channel – mail-enabled Devices\Applications communicate with the On-Premises mail server using the SMTP protocol (non-encrypted connection).
  2. Authentication – most of the time, the Mail enabled Devices\Applications doesn’t use authentication mechanism (Anonymous authentication).
  3. IP Address restriction – in some scenarios, if the administrator wants to implement a basic security mechanism, the on-premise mail server is configured to accept anonymous SMTP connection only from a particular predefined IP address.

Mail client connect Exchange on-Premises server directly

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How To Run Manual DirSync / Azure Active Directory Sync Updates

Azure AD Connect (AAD Connect) February 2016 Build ( Onwards
In February 2016 build of Azure AD Connect was released which introduced multiple new features. The scheduler is now built into the sync engine. This means that there is no longer a separate DirectorySyncClientCmd tool.

To initiate a Delta Sync, open Windows PowerShell and run:

Start-ADSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType Delta

To initiate a Full Sync, open Windows PowerShell and run:

Start-ADSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType Initial